Altair ACO

How can a collaboration of mission-based disability providers transform an industry?

The Altair Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a coalition of 11 leading disability providers that serve Minnesotans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), was at a crossroads in its evolution. Five years after its inception, a rapidly changing political and regulatory environment required Altair to intentionally assess the future of disability services and determine its role within it.

Altair selected Turnlane to lead a multi-faceted planning process that included redefining its mission and vision, planning for potential future scenarios, and developing a strategic framework to enable Altair to be responsive and agile within an ever-evolving environment. 

Turnlane convened and facilitated several working sessions that engaged key stakeholders across all 11 disability organizations. This process resulted in collective input and buy-in on the new mission and vision, awareness of the most significant external forces impacting the disability field, and clarity on how Altair will navigate, develop, grow, and succeed in an uncertain future.