Strategy development and implementation

At its simplest, strategy makes clear what actions and behaviors are required to foster organizational success into the future. turnlane leads organizations through a tailored, multi-faceted strategy development process that includes everything from high-level brainstorming and exploration to action and accountability planning and everything in between. Although needs differ by organization, turnlane generally encourages social sector organizations to leverage a continuous, ongoing approach to strategy development and execution in order to be responsive a changing world.


Value proposition design

Given the ever-evolving needs of people and communities, providing new mission-powered products and services can dictate an organization's ability to survive and thrive into the future. Defining how a product or service delivers value – in both aspirational and concrete ways – is perhaps the most foundational step to ensure its impact matches the organization’s aim. turnlane supports organizations through the messy, creative process of value proposition design to ensure an organization’s desired impact can be achieved by articulating clear and compelling value.


Business planning

When an organization is looking to launch a new product or service, a myriad of questions arises.

  • How much demand exists for this product?

  • How do we establish a price for this new service?

  • What skill sets and talent do we need in order to launch and sustain this new offering?

  • When will we break even?

turnlane employs a “going slow to go fast” to the process of business planning. turnlane partners with teams and organizations who are willing to slow down to ask foundational questions that impact the trajectory of business success. Through rigorous facilitated working sessions, turnlane helps unearth clarity that can be translated to actions for future growth. The core deliverable of business planning is a detailed pro forma that includes financial projections and a break-even analysis.


Community engagement design and facilitation

People living within a community – individuals and families – are the greatest asset in solving community-level challenges. However, they often are the last ones to the table, if they are invited to the table at all. turnlane works to ensure that the passion, creativity, and voice of the whole community are integrated into any community change process. This intentional inclusion of all perspectives not only results in greater impact but is also the sensible approach to solving community-level challenges.


Collaboration and coalition management

There are times when an organization simply cannot go it alone. Whatever impact or change they seek requires partnership and collaboration, which is both a great opportunity and one that comes with unique circumstances and challenges. Through facilitation, strategy development, project management, and analysis, turnlane brings expertise and neutrality to collaborations and coalitions that aim to achieve large-scale impact.


Shaping Administrators
into Leaders

Individuals at the forefront of social sector innovation are often asked to step into roles of leadership – both formal and informal – that require competence, self-awareness, and curiosity. turnlane provides one-on-one guidance to those seeking to hone and develop their leadership capacity as a means to achieving greater social impact. Focus of this work may include business acumen,