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Cassandra Canaday, MPH

Strategist & Analytics Lead


Cassandra serves as Strategist and Analytics Lead at Turnlane. In this role, she is responsible for managing Turnlane’s analytics service offerings, as well as supporting Turnlane’s other service areas.

Cassandra is an alumnus of Turnlane’s Health and Justice Internship, during which she focused on client work related to data analytics, quality monitoring and improvement, strategy development, managed care contracting, Medicaid, Medicare, and Minnesota HCBS waivers. Prior to joining Turnlane, Cassandra was a nationally-registered EMT-Basic and worked as a nurse technician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Cassandra received her Master’s of Public Health in Public Health Administration & Policy at the University of Minnesota. Prior to graduate school, Cassandra earned her B.S. in Clinical Neuromusicology at Belmont University; her honors thesis explored the potential use of music therapy as a treatment for compassion fatigue in health care workers.