MDH Palliative Care Advisory Council

In late 2017, the governor appointed Minnesota Palliative Care Advisory Council was created to ensure that all Minnesotans who may benefit from palliative care are able to access those services. This group of 20 Council members, representing a diverse set of experiences and perspectives, needed guidance and facilitation support in paving its strategic path forward.

“If Minnesota had exactly what it needed in palliative care to support people, families, and professionals, what would that look like? How could the Advisory Council ensure access for all Minnesotans? What capacity may already exist across the state that could be leveraged to ensure access for all?”

The Advisory Council looked to Turnlane to help work through these mission-critical questions. A day-long retreat led by Turnlane, filled with collaborative discussion, meaningful insights, and dozens of Post-It notes, resulted in the creation of seven core strategic focus areas, which serve in guiding the Council’s work today.